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SAUDI REFINERIES 37.250 (12:20 25.02)
SAUDI REFINERIES 37.250 (10:00 25.02)
BitCOin/USD 1181.3700 (03:10 25.02)
GBP/CHF 1.25571 (23:00 24.02)
EUR/GBP 0.84775 (22:30 24.02)
GBP/CHF 1.25571 (22:30 24.02)
GBP/CHF 1.25571 (22:00 24.02)
EUR/GBP 0.84745 (21:30 24.02)
GBP/CHF 1.25554 (21:30 24.02)
USD/CAD 1.31063 (21:30 24.02)
EUR/JPY 118.367 (21:15 24.02)
TOYOTA (US) 113.780 (21:00 24.02)
SONY 30.935 (21:00 24.02)
FERRARI 65.095 (21:00 24.02)
GOLD/EUR 1190.005 (21:00 24.02)
GOLD VS SILVER 68.4785 (21:00 24.02)
SILVER 18.353 (21:00 24.02)
GOLD 1256.785 (21:00 24.02)
BOEING 177.445 (21:00 24.02)
ALIBABA 102.915 (21:00 24.02)
BANK OF AMERICA 24.215 (21:00 24.02)
PFIZER 34.245 (21:00 24.02)
AUD/USD 0.76782 (21:00 24.02)
GBP/USD 1.24573 (21:00 24.02)
TSX 60 914.900 (21:00 24.02)
3M 187.325 (21:00 24.02)
CITIGROUP VS AIG 0.93618 (21:00 24.02)
CITIGROUP VS JP MORGAN CHASE 0.65934 (21:00 24.02)
USD/JPY 112.091 (21:00 24.02)
EUR/JPY 118.385 (21:00 24.02)

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Learn how to Trade
in 3 easy steps:
  • Select the asset you want to trade
  • Predict either the asset's price will
  • Choose the amount you want
    to invest
  • iFollow
    Trading can be a social tool too. With iFollow, you can track and copy other traders’ positions, so when they win- you’re guaranteed of winning too. When you follow a leader, you are essentially copying all of their moves. Hence, for every new position the leader opens, you open a similar position (with the obvious difference being the size of your investment and your account balance allowing the investment). This platform supports all standard Binary Options positions.
  • Binary Options
    The most basic of all trade types consists of an asset that you purchase and an attempt to correctly predict the direction it will take before your contract reaches expiry. How to Trade: 1) Pick an asset you want to trade 2) Choose on Call if you believe the asset’s value will rise, or Put if you think it will decline. 3) Wait for the expiration of the contract 4) Watch your account balance grow.
  • 60 Seconds
    As the name would suggest, this kind of trade has an extremely short expiration date. Since asset prices change constantly, this type of trade allows you to predict an outcome and the end of the contract is a minute away. If you predicted correctly, the payout will be added to your account. How to trade: 1) Pick an asset you want to trade 2) Choose on Call if you believe the asset’s value will rise, or Put if you think it will decline 3) Enter the amount you wish to invest, click Start and count back with the timer 4) Watch your account balance grow.
  • Long Terms
    This kind of trade usually relies heavily on a trader’s ability to analyze a specific market, stock or commodity’s outcome over an extended period of times. Trades are at least 3 days long and can extend to days, weeks and months after which you learn if your ability to read the market was as solid as you had believed. How to trade: 1) Pick an asset you want to trade. 2) Click on In-the-money if you believe the asset’s value will be in a certain range upon expiry, or Out-of-the-money if you think it will be outside the specified range 3) Keep track of your asset over time and wait for the expiration of the contract. 4) Watch your account balance grow.
  • One Touch
    Simply put –all you do with one-touch trades is select your asset and the set amount you wish to invest, which is in currency units (in the currency of your account). Once you’ve made the investment you wait to see if at any point during the contract the asset reached the level you had predicted. If it does, you can get a substantial payout reaching 500% at the moment it reaches the set level. You can invest in a One Touch trade Monday through Friday with your trade expiring every day at 5 PM GMT. These options are also available on Saturday and Sunday with the expiration date for the following Friday. How to trade: 1) Pick an asset you want to trade 2) Select the size of your investment 3) Watch the markets and wait for your asset to hit its target range 4) Watch your account balance grow.
  • Pairs
    Currency pair trading is quite simple – we give you the various pairings you can invest in, and all you have to do is predict which one will outperform the other and arrive at the expiration date at the better level than the other. How to trade: 1) Select the Pairs tab 2) Select the Expiry time 3) Select the amount you want to trade with 4) Predict which asset will perform better 5) Watch your balance grow.
  • Financial Ladder
    Levels in the trading Ladder are spaced in equal distance from each other. With the Ladder feature, you select the levels or rates on the Ladder and the expiry time. The levels are spaced automatically and your asset needs to end up at a specific rate prior to expiry for your option to be considered a winning one. Payout can even exceed up to 1500% under certain conditions. How to trade: 1) Select the Ladder from the menu. 2) Select your desired asset, expiry time, number of investment units and payout option. 3) Confirm your selections in the confirmation window. 4) Click on Confirm or Cancel 5) Approve your new trade to turn it active 6) If you wish to cancel the Ladder position, you can sell it prior to expiry by clicking on Cancel and approving the cancellation 7) Watch your balance grow.
Why ICoption...?
Since being established in 2012, iCoption has had quite a few priorities – advanced trading platform, a variety of tradable assets and an enjoyable experience.
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